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    Professional Development Course Catalog

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    Professional Learning for Educators


    AEA Learning Online offers educators a wide array of facilitated and personalized online learning options focused on some of the most pressing professional development areas.


    Facilitated Courses

    Facilitated, online course give learners the opportunity to interact with an instructor and colleagues from across the state. Courses are available for license renewal or graduate credit.  Access professional learning registration here.

    Self-paced Trainings & Courses

    Self-paced modules, are inexpensive, flexible solutions that allow users to complete mandatory trainings or meet license renewal, sub-authorization, or paraeducator certificate renewal requirements.  Access the AEA Learning System here.

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    K-12 Online Resources


    AEA Learning Online's K-12 Online resources include both facilitated and personalized learning options for students.


    Facilitated Student Learning

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    Personalized Student Learning

    Iowa Schools have the opportunity to create a variety of online, personalized learning opportunities for students as well as provide access to the statewide catalog of content, assessments, and performance tasks.


    Teachers Share How they
    Flip Learning For Students
    Student Personalized Learning System:
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    into their district.

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    About AEAs

    Iowa's Area Education Agencies (AEAs) were created in 1974 by the Iowa legislature to ensure equal educational opportunities for all children from birth through age 21. As regional service agencies, AEAs provide special education and school improvement services for students, families, teachers, administrators, and their communities.


    Iowa's Area Education Agencies

    Connie Johnson
    Iowa's AEAs Communications Director
    (712) 335-3588 ext. 2015



    Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
    Diverse Learners
    Management Services
    Media Services
    Multi-Cultural Gender Fair
    Professional Development
    School Communication Planning
    School Technology

    Iowa's AEAs are required to adhere to state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in programs, activities and employment practices.

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      AEA Learning Online

      6500 Corporate Drive

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    Iowa's AEAs

    Central Rivers AEA
    Grant Wood AEA
    Great Prairie AEA
    Green Hills AEA
    Heartland AEA
    Mississippi Bend AEA
    Northwest AEA
    Prairie Lakes AEA

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